Grand Alliance Chaos

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Grand alliance of Chaos er de monstre, dæmoner og dødelige der følger de mørke guder.

Beast of chaos - Brayherds - Blades of Khorne - Chaos Gargants - Demons of Khorne - Demons of Nurgle - Demons of Tzeentch - Disciples of Tzeentch - Everchosen - Hedonites of Slaanesh - Khorne Bloodbound - Legion of Azgorh - Maggotkin of nurgle - Monsters of Chaos - Nurgle Rotbringers - Skaventide - Skaven Eshin - Skaven Masterclan - Skaven Moulder - Saven Pestilens- Skaven Skryre- Skaven Verminus - Slaves to Darkness- Tamurkkhan's horde - Thunderscorn - Tzeentch Arcanites - Warherds.

Grand Alliance Chaos

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Chaos Warriors Regiment

A numberless horde trampling the realms beneath iron-shod feet, the horn-helmed killers known as the Chaos Warriors are legion. Only Azyr has escaped their wrath - every other mortal realm rings to the sound of their savagery. These men have cast aside everything in favour of eternal war and the promise of power - some may yet bask in the glory they seek, but for most there is only a future of blood, violence and brutal fate.

This kit contains sixteen plastic Chaos Warriors, armed with either Chaos hand weapons and Chaos Runeshields or a Chaos hand weapon in either hand. Supplied with sixteen Citadel 32mm Round bases.

Pris 249,00 kr.

Start Collecting! Daemons...

Plague-ridden, diseased and festering, Daemons of Nurgle spread terrible miasmas and rotting, fuming death across the mortal realms in the name of their benevolent god. They consider their choking plagues to be a gift from Grandfather Nurgle, and the gurgling cries of their victims are interpreted as thankful praise. 

This is a great-value box set that gives you an immediate collection of fantastic Daemons of Nurgle miniatures, which you can assemble and use right away in games of Warhammer 40,000! You’ll receive a Herald of Nurgle, a set of three Plague Drones, a set of three Nurglings and a set of ten Plaguebearers of Nurgle.

Pris 549,00 kr.

Warhammer age of sigmar -...

De mægtige guders mægtigste tjenere er velsignet med uhyrlig kraft og liv, der er uendelige blandt slaverne til mørket. Hver Daemon Prince var engang en hengiven tjener til Chaos, hvis handlinger i livet har skaffet ham velsignelser ud over tælling og ophøjelse til dæmon.

Pris 249,00 kr.

Daemons Of Khorne Bloodletters

The Bloodletters form the core of the vast legions of the Lord of Battle. Believed to have been foremost amongst the Blood God's followers in mortal life, their will is as implacable and blood-hungry as Khorne himself. Festooned with rippling muscles, knotted sinews and driven by an unparallel killing instinct, Bloodletters are fearsome opponents.

This plastic box set contains 10 complete miniatures. These finely detailed plastic kits contain a host of extra parts and accessories, enabling you to assemble your Bloodletters in a large variety of ways. Includes ten Citadel 32mm Round bases. 

Pris 179,00 kr.