Iron Kingdoms: WIDOWER'S WOOD (core game)
  • Iron Kingdoms: WIDOWER'S WOOD (core game)
  • Iron Kingdoms: WIDOWER'S WOOD (core game)

Iron Kingdoms: WIDOWER'S WOOD (core game)

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In the dark wilderness of the Iron Kingdoms, an ancient evil stirs. Led by a merciless witch doctor, an army of sinister creatures and terrifying beasts plots to awaken a long-forgotten terror. If they succeed, countless swamp-dwelling tribes will face a fate worse than death. As the inhabitants of Widower’s Wood find themselves trapped in the grim maw of ghoulish horrors, their last hope is a team of ravenous monsters with the cunning and ferocity to bite back. 

Venture into Widower’s Wood in this campaign-driven, fully cooperative adventure board game for 2–4 players. The harrowing wilds of the swamp are filled with dire perils and dreadful villains, and it will require teamwork and the unique strengths of your adventurers to prevail. If you’re smart enough, tough enough, and courageous enough to face the greatest horrors of the Iron Kingdoms, you might just be monster enough to survive.

Co-operative Adventure Board Game

Age 14+
Board Game Mechanics Hand Management, Role Playing, Variable Player Powers, Campaign / Legacy, Co-operative Play
Genre Conflict, Fantasy
Objective / Narrative Dungeon Crawl
Players 1, 2, 3, 4
Playing Time 60 min., 90 min., 120 min.
Packing Game Box
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